Join the off-road revolution and experience the Monster Manx! Get ready to dominate any terrain, from dirt trails to sand dunes and city streets. Order yours today and be part of the Monster Manx legacy!

The Ultimate Off-Road Beast: Monster Manx

Get ready to unleash the beast with our brand-new Monster Manx, the epitome of power, precision, and performance. Whether you're tearing up the dirt, conquering the sand dunes, or cruising the streets, this dual-sport marvel has you covered.

Here's what makes the Monster Manx the ultimate off-road machine:

Crisp Customs Monster Manx
Crisp Customs Sand Rail MX2
Crisp Customs Sand Rail MX2
Crisp Customs Sand Rail MX2

1. LS3 Engine with a jaw-dropping 650HP

Feel the adrenaline surge as you tap into the incredible power of our LS3 engine, delivering a staggering 650 horsepower that's ready to conquer any terrain.

2. S4D Sequential Gearbox

Experience seamless gear shifts and unparalleled control with our S4D Sequential Gearbox, designed to handle the toughest challenges you throw its way.

3. Fox Coil Over and Bypass Shocks with 20" Travel

Conquer even the roughest terrains with ease, thanks to the Monster Manx's Fox Coil Over and Bypass Shocks, offering an impressive 20 inches of travel.

4. Chromoly TIG Welded Chassis and Boxed Arms

Built to last and withstand the harshest conditions, our Monster Manx features a chromoly TIG welded chassis and boxed arms for maximum durability.

5. 934 CV's, Jamar Brakes, and Hubs

We've equipped the Monster Manx with top-of-the-line components, including 934 CV's, Jamar brakes, and hubs, ensuring unmatched performance and reliability.

6. Fuel Safe 30-Gallon Fuel Cell

Go the distance with the Monster Manx's massive 30-gallon fuel cell, allowing you to explore without limits.

7. Race Radio and Holley Performance Dash

Stay connected and in control with a built-in race radio and a Holley performance dash that provides real-time data and feedback.

8. Switch Pro Controls and Mil-Spec Wiring Harness

Take charge with ease using Switch Pro controls and a mil-spec wiring harness, designed for precision and reliability.

9. BMRS Plumbing and Lines

We've paid attention to every detail, ensuring that even the plumbing and lines meet the highest standards of quality.

10. Dual Sport. Dirt. Sand. Street

Whether you're tackling rough terrain, hitting the sand dunes, or cruising through the city, the Monster Manx is your versatile, year-round companion.

11. Sand Car/Pre-Runner

Designed for thrill-seekers, the Monster Manx excels as both a sand car and a pre-runner, making it the ultimate choice for off-road enthusiasts.

12. LS Powered and Sequential Drivetrain

With an LS-powered engine and a sequential drivetrain, you're in for an exhilarating ride like never before.

PRICING: $225,000

This investment in the Monster Manx guarantees you access to an unmatched off-road experience that's worth every penny.

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